Wooden Planks Edit

Wooden Planks are used in multipe ways in the game, and are a key in producing items, building structures, and used as fuel for a furnace.

Item ProductionsEdit

  • Sticks
  • Workbenchs
  • Chests
  • Wooden Pickaxes
  • Wooden Axes
  • Wooden Shovels
  • Wooden Swords
  • Wooden Spears
  • All types of Shields
  • Stairs
  • Doors
  • Can be used as a fuel source for the Furnace
  • Wood Veneers
  • Wood Signs


Structures made out of Wooden Planks are far nicer looking than that of cobble stone or any other type of stone. It looks like a log home almost, while stone houses look more like dungeons or castles.


Wooden Planks are available to put into a Furnace as a fuel source. The planks burn much faster than Coal does, but this is not a problem due to an over abundance of trees in the game.

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