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A wooden plank in-game

Wooden planks are a very useful tool in the world of total miner. They are able to create workbenches, Sticks, Stairs, and a variety of others. Not only are Wooden planks are useful, but even a very popular building material to build your home. Some people might think think the wooden planks look nice, and others use it for building matertial due to the fact that it is more time-saving. Bricks and Concrete Bricks are more time consuming to make.

Crafting Edit

Wooden Planks are made by wood blocks, obtained from cutting down a tree. You do not require a workbench to build wooden planks, all you need is one square in the crafting menu. Each log crafts up to 4 wooden planks each. This means you can have a stack of 100 wooden planks with only 25 logs.