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    Well, first impressions.

    September 8, 2011 by MasyafBarton

    Having initially tried the trial version of Total Miner, the similarity to MineCraft and the brilliant addition of the shop system made me buy it straight away. After exploring for a while, I realised that the Blueprints system, while interesting, is merely a clever way for the developer to hide the fact that there is no real point or purpose to the game. However, despite this, the addition of chests protected by spider eggs and therein the spiders that spawn gives the player a sense of achievement after finding and looting one. Also, the sheer depth of the Dig Deep mode is nothing to balk at, being a whopping 2014 blocks instead of MineCraft's rather feeble 128 from sky to bedrock. I must admit though that the immense depth has left the s…

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