Right now I would like to reiveiw total miner forge

This is a captivating game from the second you pick up the paddle you won't wanna put down the controller at first impression I thought it was a clean cut rip off of minecraft the as I played it more I realized it wasn't minecraft it's not like minecraft it's it's self total miner forge beetween the block shops and the minding it already has a one up on minecraft. There's two gamemodes on toatle miner deep dig and creative compared two it's competitor on xbox minecraft 360 edition it wins fure sure this game also has a share option that means build your empior and then put It out there let people download it and look at the world you just had built to this game is worth the 3 dollars and if you don't wanna spend 20$$$ on minecraft buy the far supior toatle miner forge. I rate this game 4 and a half stars out of 5