Ladders are made from seven sticks, placed in an "H" configuration in a Crafting Bench. Ladders can be placed on walls and used to reach higher areas more easily. They can also be used as a cheap alternative to stairs to make traversing uneven areas easier, using less than 1/3 of the wood required to make stairs. A player on a ladder will move in the direction they are facing, even allowing them to go sideways across a wall. Ladders make accessing hard-to-reach areas easy because they can be placed while climbing.

Compared to rope, ladders are better for climbing up but cost a more important resource. However, ropes are better for climbing down from high areas and allow the player to move incredibly fast, but obstruct vision while mining. It should also be considered that ladders can be recovered when climbing down, while ropes can be recovered when climbing up.


  • Facing away from a ladder while moving will cause the player to fall off.
  • If placed in a one-block verticle shaft, the player cannot fall off the ladder at all.
  • Ladders will catch character when they are falling, avoiding fall damage. The ladder can even be placed underneith the player during a fall to prevent damage or death as well.
  • It is not necessary to place a ladder on every square. They can be climbed normally if placed one block apart, except for climbing horizontally. Ladders can even have 2 blocks between them, although some momentum is needed to reach the next ladder up.
  • Ladders arranged diagonally can easily be climbed as well.
  • If used in a similar way to stairs, when the character goes down they will need at least three blocks of clearence (the block in front of the ladder and the two above it) or else they will need to look down to avoid getting stuck.